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Brief Introduction to the C in CBT

Today I’ll talk a little about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Regarding the cognitive piece, the idea is that our thoughts, affect what we do (behavior), and how we feel. One can intervene at the thought or behavior level, to create a change in functioning. Thoughts are extremely powerful and have the capacity to impact how we feel, what we do, and how we present ourselves to be in the world. One way to keep our thoughts in check, is to start paying attention to how we talk to ourselves. It’s very common to have distortions in our thinking, that impact us in ways that we could never imagine. Today, when something is bothering you, pay attention to your thoughts and see if you can identify any of these common distortions in your thinking. Raising awareness about these common, cognitive distortions, and checking your “self-talk,” might be all you need to do, to have a better day.

Launched, Living, and Out in the Universe


I’m a lifelong learner, nature enthusiast, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and psychologist, living happily, in sunny Los Angeles, California. I’ve decided to start a blog to share my knowledge, and to hopefully help others live happier, more fulfilled lives. In this blog, I’ll share information, tips and tricks that I find useful, as well as relevant research, products, and experiences that have impacted my life. I’ve been studying psychology since 1996, obtained my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2005, went on to study Neuropsychology in a post-doctoral fellowship, and have been licensed as a psychologist in California since 2007. In my practice I integrate information from several fields, including, but not limited to: neuroscience, spirituality, cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology, education and parenting research, to help guide others on a path towards optimal well-being.

With gratitude, Dr. Erica Felsenthal